Joyner Season has nothing to do with replacing people at the top. In fact, Joyner Lucas will be the first to salute somebody he feels is more talented than him. After his "I'm Not Racist" video absolutely blew up last year, people finally started taking notice of just how good Joyner is. The 30-year-old has worked for years and he's finally getting the recognition he deserves. While he's undoubtedly aware of just how skilled he is, he's also insanely humble and unwilling to take anybody's spot at the top. Many artists obsess about becoming the greatest of all time but in Joyner's mind, he's just happy to be making music. That kind of mentality ended up landing him a place on Eminem's latest album.

The emcee hopped on Twitter to let everybody know that he has no interest in overtaking some of the greats, giving them their due props and happily taking a backseat to some of the GOAT's. The artist showed love to a handful of the biggest artists of today and yesterday, singling out Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Jay Z, Nas and, of course, Eminem. With so many of today's hip-hop narratives being about who's fighting who and who's dissing who, it's nice to see Joyner enjoying what he sees in the game. Once you lose your passion, the quality starts to go downhill and from his words, you can see Joyner is as passionate as ever about hip-hop.

How do you feel about Joyner's comments?