Last week, Joyner Lucas unleashed his remix of Future's "Mask Off."

The Massachusetts-bred emcee went off on the track in what is possibly one of the best takes in a slew of remixes to the viral song.

His take was so intense, in fact, that it raised a few questions surrounding the individuals on the receiving end of some of his lyrics.

Turns out it was no one in particular all along.

Hopping on the phone with HipHopDX, Lucas cleared the air about the speculation surrounding his remix.

The ‘Mask On’ record wasn’t really me calling out any rappers,” he told the publication. “I was just--I guess being competitive. But at the same time, I was just being Joyner. I was just spazzing out. I don’t feel like I called out or disrespected anybody. I just felt like I was just talking my shit, just being competitive. But it wasn’t nothing like I was calling out rappers on some disrespectful shit.”

A bit later on down the track he pulls a line that makes a direct reference to rapper Logic, sparking much talk about the relationship between the two emcees.

“There is no status with Logic," he confirmed. "I have a little bit of mixed emotions on how I feel towards him. It’s not beef, or no shit like that. A little bit of behind-the-scenes stuff that make me feel the way that I feel. A lot of things that people don’t know or not aware of, that may look like I’m bullying or picking on Logic. It isn’t even that. A lot of stuff that happened behind-the-scenes that I really wasn’t feeling. Above all, I think Logic is talented and I think he’s good at what he does.”

While beef in Hip-Hop is inevitable and particularly entertaining, it's good to know that all is kosher with Joyner Lucas.

Now, we're just waiting on that album.