Whether or not you like Joyner Lucas, if there's one thing we know he's good at, it's starting a dialogue. A few weeks back, the rapper unleashed his latest single, "Devil's Work" which is off of his forthcoming project, ADHD. The single and music video for it sparked controversy across the board. Many accused him of trying to capitalize off of the deaths of Nipsey Hussle and XXXTENTACION while Tomi Lahren got upset that yet another human being wished death on her... and Trump.

"Devil's Work" was filmed inside of the St. Peter's Catholic Church in Joyner's hometown of Worcester, Mass. In the music video, the rapper is seen inside of the pews while drinking out of a bottle of Hennessy which caused a pastor from the church to criticize the rapper. He said that he wouldn't have approved of the rapper filming the video if had known that Joyner was praying for God to strike death upon people (i.e. Tomi Lahren, Laura Ingraham, Trump etc.).

Joyner recently responded to the criticism from the pastor. He said that the church was more than aware of what was going down when he was filming the shoot and said that they even accepted money in order for him to film the music video. 

Joyner also addressed whether he's going to sit down with Tomi Lahren.

View the clip below via TMZ.