Joyner Lucas has solidified himself as one of the upper echelon lyricists of today's hip-hop. Therefore, it's only natural that the man has ample expertise to share, especially when it comes to the art of "BARS." The rapper recently sat down with BET for the latest installment of "Rate The Bars," finding himself face to face with lyrics from Hopsin, Jin, Quavo, Mystikal, Plies, Mysonne, and of course, his old nemesis Logic. The cheeky buggers at BET made sure to save Logic's "Sriracha" verse for last, given Joyner's open disdain for Bobby's (arguably) phoned-in contribution.

In any case, Joyner seems content to let bygones be bygones, perhaps deciding to seek some positive qualities in something he previously lambasted. It's also possible that his complimentary nature is actually pettiness in disguise, but we'll choose to remain optimistic. In any case, he has a good laugh at the situation, before giving Logic's contribution a coveted five out of five. "I like it," he says, ever-diplomatic. "Respect.

For more opinions from Joyner, including which "rapper" landed the one-star ranking, peep the entire video below.