Who would've thought Benzino would be kicking off 2021 with a fresh dose of relevance? Not many but if there's anything we've learned in the past year, it's to expect the unexpected. Big Zino's aired out his issues with Eminem, obviously, which has evolved deeper into the Shady universe with Royce Da 5'9" and now, Joyner Lucas joining the fray. 

Lucas is younger, and a fresh face to the game in comparison to Benzino. Yet, the former Source Magazine COO apparently slide into the ADHD rapper's DMs inquiring about going hit-for-hit on Verzuz, according to Joyner. "Man dis clown tried to inbox me a few months ago tryna VERZUS battle me too," Lucas wrote. "Idk what nursing home he escaped from but they needa find him and bring him back ASAP."

Ultimately, this erupted into an even bigger war of words that involved Zino uttering threats on... Twitter... against Joyner Lucas. Zino even suggested that he would make Boston a no-fly zone for Joyner Lucas who is from Worcester, MA. Benzino didn't, however, deny that he slid into Joyner Lucas' DMs, making his Twitter tirade that much more embarrassing. "You ain’t never step foot in Roxbury u bitch ass n***a. U from Worcester mass you punk mf, u never was bout that life. Don’t let them pussies get u hurt. Yea I went in your dms because your musics trash like @royceda59," the "Boottee" rapper wrote. "U got me fucked up I’ll have u touched fuckboi," he added.

In response to the "Pull Your Skirt Up" MC, Joyner Lucas ssimply brushed off the threats with a bar from Drake off of his diss track towards Meek Mill, "Back To Back." "Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers," Lucas wrote. While no names were mentioned, his replies were flooded with memes of Benzino.