Logic may or may not have responded to Joyner Lucas' disses aimed at him on his new track "Yuck." Without calling out anyone by name, the Maryland rapper dedicated a verse to those trying to bring him down, attempting to take the high road ("fuck rap, fuck beef, anyone that hate me, I wish you success"), but also throwing in what read like a few jabs ("But you jealous, you look at my life and you feel envy / Constantly comparing yourself to me and feel empty"). Either way, it seems Joyner isn't taking anything too seriously until he's explicitly mentioned. "Say some names next time. scary ass," he wrote on Twitter.

Not long after that, Joe Budden weighed in, arguing that there's no confusion who the verse is directed at. "He talking to you tho…" he wrote. Joyner responded by bringing up a subliminal verse rapped by Eminem and speculated to be directed at Budden: "Says the man who swore to god em wasn’t talking to him. 😂"

If Logic is truly taking the high road and Joyner refuses to respond to a subliminal, this may be the end of the road for their beef.

Logic's "Yuck" appears on his new project Bobby Tarantino II, released Friday. Joyner is preparing to release a joint project with Chris Brown titled Angels & Demons. They released the lead single "Stranger Things" last month.