Joyner Lucas is on a rampage. The talented lyricist snapped on Twitter and went off on Karen Civil for money he alleges she stole from him. Joyner claims that he paid Civil $60,000 back in 2015 for promotion that he never received. From there, he claims she went on vacation with his money and never performed the promotion duties.

Civil then responded with her side of the story, claiming that Joyner is being unreasonable with his requests and that the services he paid for were completed. The plot thickened when Cam'ron added his two cents to the argument.

Cam has been calling Civil out for awhile, but nobody really agreed nor cared about his opinion at the time. In the wake of the Joyner debate, Cam wanted to reassert his claims. "I told people Karin civil been robbing people, they said I was lying," he wrote on Instagram. "When I said it…I was hating.. she also robbed Joyner Lucas for the same exact amount she did my guy @darealdukedagod 60k.. what a co-winky-dink."

Now, Joyner is turning his anger towards music mogul Steve Stoute. “After everything that transpired yesterday with #KarenCivil, it made me realize I been holding in a lot,” he tweeted. “She’s small fry..How bout a guy who got over $100 mill to help serve artists with tech. $50 mil from @Apple just months ago. @SteveStoute and @unitedmasters you lame AF!"

Larry Busacca/Getty Images For Roc Nation

“You raised $50M from Apple to help artists & their careers @unitedmasters but you just paid lawyers thousands to send me (an INDEPENDENT ARTIST) a copyright infringement for saying the words ‘record label in your pocket,’ how are you acting any different then a major label?” he continued.

Joyner also posted screenshots of the cease and desist letter. “United Masters considers such use of the mark RECORD LABEL IN YOUR POCKET a blatant violation of UnitedMasters’ rights," it reads.

“Not only is Tully App using the exact mark RECORD LABEL IN YOUR POCKET, but the RECORD LABEL IN YOUR POCKET mark is also being used in connection with goods and services that directly conflict and/or compete with the goods and/or services offered by UnitedMasters under the RECORD LABEL IN YOUR POCKET mark," it continues. Joyner didn't stop there though. He continued to go in on Stoute. How do you think the music mogul will respond to these allegations?