It wouldn't be appropriate for me to take a dig at Joyner or anyone, before assessing the situation. Yesterday afternoon was the moment Joyner Lucas spoke his piece about the regrettable encounters he's had with "shoddy" journalists since bubbling up. The following Tweets are pretty straightforward; he doesn't throw anyone under the bus, except for Peter Rosenberg who was reportedly fiddling on his phone during an in-studio interview with Lucas this past year.

In some respects, it's almost as if he's just using the Twitter platform as an open-call to journalists to better their practices, without ruling out flip side of the argument. Other than Rosenberg, we don't know who the culprits are and it doesn't seem to matter.

Those who did Lucas dirty will feel it in their gut. The posts aren't necessarily aimed at the general public, even though the repercussions of a "media boycott" will certainly be felt by those deep-lying fans. This conundrum is very symptomatic of a rapper trapped inside a polarizing debate with no solution in sight.

If you battle Tory Lanez, win or lose, you're up against his legion of fans, not just his lyrical prowess. If the media manages to make a spectacle out of the situation, well..we're back at the chicken and egg paradox are we not? But in Lucas' defense, he is probably walking away from the media, so he can let the dust settle, and resume his musical career free of the tabloids. I'm with Joyner on this one for what it's worth, the "for-profit" system can really summon the ugly out of a sensible person, all peoples.