Joyner Lucas had a great year but things didn't really get massive until a few weeks a go when he released the single and video for "I'm Not A Racist." The single itself was one of the most polarizing singles of the year and tackled the serious topic of racial tensions in America. The song would garner enough attention to land him positions on CNN and other media outlets. However, nothing can surface on the internet without being clowned. 

A few days a go, comedian Radel Ortiz' took it upon himself to flip Joyner Lucas' "I'm Not A Racist" into "I'm Not A Vegan." Much like the original video, two gentlemen are seen sitting in front of each other and debating the upsides and downfalls to a vegan lifestyle. Radel is joined by artist, Noa for the video. While Radel speaks from the perspective of an omnivore, Noa debates from the side of a vegan. In all honesty, despite the fact that it's a spoof, both of them actually got some pretty solid bars on the track. By the end of the video, they move past their dietary differences and enjoy an Oreo together.

Since Joyner Lucas dropped "I'm Not A Racist," he's been garnering a lot of attention for his work. He followed it up with his "Gucci Gang" remix which many took as a shot to Lil Pump but he later clarified it wasn't. However, most recently, he dropped off his remix to 21 Savage's "Bank Account," which has been getting some pretty solid feedback.

Check the spoof below: