In the video for Joyner Lucas' new ADHD single "Devil's Work," the rapper proposes a few trades. Laura Ingraham for Tupac Shakur, R. Kelly for XXXTentacion and Tomi Lahren for Nipsey Hussle. Joyner has never been afraid to voice his opinions through his music. This is the same man that went viral with his "I'm Not Racist" video after all. As you would expect, Tomi Lahren responded to the name drop by saying she was "disgusted" by the video. In private though, she appears to be trying to smooth things over with the Massachusetts-bred emcee.

Joyner seems to have developed a knack for exposing people in his direct messages. A couple of weeks ago, he called out Eric Holder, Nipsey Hussle's suspected killer, for sliding into his inbox and begging for a feature. Now, he's putting the far-right news commentator on blast by sharing messages that she's sent him in the last couple of days.

"Although I don't appreciate you depicting and calling for my death in your latest music video, I would like to sit down and talk with you on or off camera. Maybe we can find some common ground," said Lahren. Joyner does not appear to have replied to the request yet but he was quick to share the screenshot to his millions of fans. "I wonder how this conversation's gonna go," he said, suggesting that he's down to actually have a chat with her.

We'll see how this unfolds... It's bound to get messy.