Joyner Lucas doesn't hold back on his new song. "Devil's Work" was released earlier today and many of us are still processing all that can be found in his bars. The track suggests we get back many of the emcees that have died over the years, trading in Donald Trump, Martin Shkreli and R. Kelly for Nipsey Hussle, Tupac Shakur, XXXTentacion, and others. His words cannot be misinterpreted here. Joyner is clear that he misses some of the greatest musicians of all time who were either murdered or passed away far too soon. His proposed trades go over well in some circles but as you would expect with a track like this, some people aren't too impressed.

The Massachusetts rappers started to tease his upcoming album ADHD a few months ago and "Devil's Work" is the most recent single we've heard from it. So far, the majority of listeners are messing with the track, praising Joyner for speaking out in his music and applauding his bars. Others are less enthused, calling the cut "corny" and hoping that his album sounds nothing like this. Since he gets political, this type of reaction was bound to happen.

Below, we've included some of the most extreme responses from you guys, the loyal HNHH readers, and Twitter users. Let us know what you think of the song and be sure to leave your rating here.