By now, the initial momentum fueled by the heated tilt between Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas has died down. Though the battle was ostensibly in the name of sport, it played out like a roasting session gone left; each drop became increasingly personal, until the point where both of the rapper's fathers were dragged into the fray. In case you need reminding, the progression was as follows: Tory's "Lucky You," "Joyner's "Litty," Tory's "Litty Again," and Joyner's "ZEZE."

Image via HNHH

Though intended as the killing blow, some felt that Joyner's take on Kodak's single was somewhat underwhelming. Not to say that Lucas didn't perform admirably, but the beat selection was somewhat questionable; can a tropical banger be repurposed as a war march? Evidently, the jury is still out on that one. In any case, Lanez took to Instagram live to deliver a scathing review. Now, a little over one week removed from the "beef's" peak, Joyner Lucas appears to have deleted "ZEZE" from his official YouTube page.

It's unclear what prompted this decision. Perhaps a phone call from Kodak Black's lawyer, or perhaps it was simply his competitive pride. Does this mean Joyner is looking to bury the hatchet, or come back harder and stronger? Tory previously vowed he wasn't quite finished with Lucas; can the same be said on Joyner's behalf?