The first R. Kelly trial may be behind us, but that does not mean that his legal troubles are over. Prosecutors in other states have been working on their cases against the disgraced singer following his New York conviction, prompting alleged victims to continue to speak out. Two women who have been linked to Kelly in recent years have been Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage, to women who reportedly dated the singer at the same time.

The dissolution of that throuple was something that the world witnessed in headline after headline. Azriel has been vocal about her growth and recovery, but Joycelyn has remained mysteriously silent throughout it all.

Joycelyn Savage Parents
ANGELA WEISS / Contributor / Getty Images

According to her parents, who recently sat down with TMZ for a virtual interview, they still haven't mended their relationship with their daughter. They believe that Joycelyn remains dedicated to Kelly and allege that he has been controlling her from behind bars.

“We tried to reach out to Joycelyn when my father passed. We have to always reach out through [Kelly’s] camp," said Joycelyn's father. The same reportedly occurred when his wife's mother passed away. They expressed that they didn't want to hear from a "third party" but from their daughter, herself.

“We would like to have a one-on-one discussion with you as a family,” Joycelyn's mother said in a plea directly to her daughter. Her father wants Joycelyn to understand that Kelly will be in prison for some time and demanded to see his daughter at their solemn family event. “Listen, Robert is locked up. All these enablers need to move aside. Joycelyn, I need to see you at that funeral, it’s just that simple.”

Watch their interview below.