While the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots have earned their way to the Super Bowl, it seems obvious that both of these teams are the ones the most deserving of the opportunity to lift the Lombardi trophy. Well, Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman believes otherwise as he's now saying that the team would have won the Super Bowl had Alex Smith not gone down with a horrific leg injury back in November.

TMZ Sports, caught up with Norman and that's where he made the ambitious claim that the team was so good that they could have easily won it all. Of course, during a game against the Texans, Smith broke his fibula and tibia which has jeopardized his future as an NFL quarterback. At the time of the injury, the Redskins were first place in the NFC East, but problems with their backup quarterback resulted in a poor end of the season that pushed them out of the playoffs.

Norman is known for his trash talking and said the squad would have made light work of the New Orleans Saints and the Rams who had the two best records in the NFL this season?

Do you agree with Norman or is his statement completely off?