After an underwhelming season, there were a ton of rumors surrounding some of the young stars on the Los Angeles Lakers. Lonzo Ball and Josh Hart were in the thick of those rumblings and were eventually traded to the New Orleans Pelicans in exchange for Anthony Davis. It was a blockbuster trade that made the Lakers an infinitely better team and heading into this season, they are considered to be title contenders. Exciting times are ahead for Lakers fans but not everybody is happy about how the trade all went down.

Hart and Ball have a podcast together and during a recent episode, some heavy shade was thrown the Lakers way. At one point, Ball is talking about how some cities are gloomy and not fun to play in which leads Hart to say the same of Los Angeles. Ball immediately disagrees with Hart until he clarifies he wasn't talking about the weather, but the organization itself.

There was quite a bit of dysfunction within the Lakers organization last season but ever since the departure of Magic Johnson, it appears as though things have cooled down quite a bit. There is no denying there is still work to be done, although it's clear hart has just a little bit of a grudge left.

Now that Hart and Lonzo are on the Pelicans, it will be interesting to see how they can make the best of their situation.