As previously reported, Cleveland Browns' receiver Josh Gordon was told he should focus on his mental health by team officials. The Browns' sent him to Gainesville, Florida where he received treatment at NFL-run medical facility. Days later, ESPN is reporting that Gordon has been cleared to resume practicing with his teammates ahead of the 2nd week of NFL preseason.

"As I humbly return to being a member of this team with an opportunity to get back to playing this game I love, I realize in order for me to reach my full potential my primary focus must remain on my sobriety and mental well-being," Gordon expressed in a written statement showing gratitude to his teammates and the organization.

The former Pro Bowler was seeking help for mental health and anxiety issues, most of which related to events occurring off the field of play. Gordon has been mired in a child support battle with his estranged partner, and is rumored to have resorted to substance abuse before seeking help. 

Browns general manager John Dorsey says Gordon will start by participating in team meetings and with daily conditioning. The rest of his responsibilities and privileges will be reinstated as soon as he proves himself, up to the task.