MMA Fighter Josh Copeland was arrested for allegedly punching his wife in a domestic abuse a few days ago. According to police reports obtained by TMZ Sports, Copeland wife was allegedly left bloodied and bruised after the two got into a fight. In the report, it was stated that there was "an obvious bruise on her left eye, a cut and was bleeding. There was blood down the front of her face and neck."

According to accounts from Copeland's wife, the two had gotten into a fight where the two had pushed each other. That's when Copeland allegedly punched her in the face and threw her onto the bed. He also allegedly took her phone so she couldn't call for help. The police report states that Copeland didn't remember the incident when they came to arrest him.

It was reported that Copeland was charged with second-degree assault, obstruction and child abuse. The child abuse charge came because the alleged incident occurred in front of the couple's kid. 

Copeland will have to appear in court in a couple of weeks from now.