The season finale of "Power" may have aired last night but people are already looking forward to the next installment of the show. This season was arguably one of the best so far and the series keeps getting even more popular by the day. Widely recognized as one of the best shows on television, many are left wondering about what will happen in Season 6. Creator Courtney Kemp previously spoke about how the producers knew they were going to kill off Kanan, 50 Cent's character, this year but what's going on with any of the other storylines? People are speculating over what can change next season and Joseph Sikora isn't helping to kill the anticipation.

Speaking on Tommy and Ghost's relationship, he said that there is a "chasm" and ponders whether or not it can be crossed. "What organic materials are they gonna both use to make bridges to cross this huge chasm and are they gonna go towards each other, or when they meet each other over this bottomless pit, are they gonna try to throw each other off?" Sikora is putting their fate in the hands of the creators of the show, trusting them to bring about the best outcome for Ghost and Tommy.

With Kanan killed off, Courtney Kemp says that 50 Cent's role will not change behind the scenes. "He's just so great to have on set so we'll miss him," said Kemp after praising 50's contributions as an actor. After last night, how do you see the show's main plot points progressing next season?