Joseline Hernandez is no rookie when it comes to sexy, sultry photos all over her Instagram feed. Her outfits vary from thirst-trapping get-ups to everyday looks, but they are never short of showing off her curvaceous frame and certain assets. The "Hate Me Now" music maker showed off the outfit she wore to her daughter's school meeting, where she met teachers and other students who spend time with her daughter on a day-to-day basis. 

The criticism Joseline got was about her club etiquette since she wore a pink mini-dress with spaghetti straps and high heels. A lot of Joseline's followers shared their opinion of her get up, with one user writing: "Girlllllllll are you frfr. That dress is totally inappropriate to wear to that baby's school. You look amazing don't get it twisted but you was wack as hell for that."

Another added: "Wayment, you’re in the school in that attire? It’s cute, you look good, but I don’t think it appropriate for a tea party with little ones."

Joseline didn't bother to hop in the comment section and clap back at individual users, instead, she made a whole new post with a simple message to the haters: "Stay hydrated you corn balls! Member who got you here."