Last week, we recapitulated yet another drama-filled and entertaining episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's season eight. While the majority of the cast consists of the franchise's originals, a few of the personalities to first appear on the show have unfortunately left the series. Of these many colorful characters, we must consider the emblematic Puerto Rican Princess, Joseline Hernandez. Mostly known throughout the series for her bold confidence, blatant personality and tumultuous relationship with producer Stevie J, Hernandez has gone onto making her mark in the world of reality TV. Though despite folks stating these kinds of shows are scripted, the off-screen life of Joseline may attest for the opposite. In many ways, the commotion we see on television tend to spill over real life.

Johnny Louis/Getty Images

As such, Joseline was recently spotted with a new man, following a decisive split with Stevie J roughly two years ago, and already the new couple is being subject to public scrutiny. To begin, Ms. Hernandez's new flame is also called Stevie J, precisely "DJ Stevie J" and the spot-on name exactitude has left fans in a state of confusion. Moreover, most recently, the duo was spotted having some beach time fun with 2-year old Bonnie Bella, the child of both Stevie #1 and Joseline. The latter has sparked quite the debate in Joseline's comments considering a man who is not Stevie J #1 was doing "daddy duties" for Bonnie. "Where is Stevie J?" was mainly the question.

It wouldn't be the first time Stevie J is called out for his parenting skills and overall presence in his daughter's life. And considering the seriousness of their relationship, some may say Joseline is in the right to allow her new man to do fatherly things for her daughter if the father is not stepping up. Though, several other social media users were not here for it and claimed Hernandez was only doing it to make her ex jealous.