Last time we checked Joseline Hernandez and Nicki Minaj were on good terms and would even go as far as to call each other friends. Joseline was always up in Nicki's comment section throwing down fire emojis, heart emojis and just always showing love to the rapper. At one point Joseline  even talked about Nicki and Rihanna and how she respects them for having her around since she is pursuing a career in music. "For those ladies, for my peers, to even be including me in their surroundings with the music and what I do is amazing. That’s enough for me. Definitely would love to do a song with Nicki and Rih,” she said.

Well, let's just say that all that is out the window since Joseline is off the Nicki bandwagon and has gone after her publicly with some fighting words. In a new tweet, the "Hate Me Now" rapper shares some words on how she used "to love" Nicki but things have changed. "When you show your true colors....everyone is the music game told me they can't stand you or work with you...and I always took your side. But you a flaw bitch Nikki. Don't say shit to me. You know what you did."

Joseline even chimed in on Azealia Banks who swore she would never go after Nicki again - check out the posts below and comment what you think the hell is going on.