Ralph Fernandez, the lawyer for Jose Fernandez' estate, has filed new documents in the wrongful death case brought against the Miami Marlins pitcher, claiming Jose was drugged before the fatal boat crash as part of a robbery scheme.

According to the attorney, Jose Fernandez was carrying $15,000 in cash in a backpack on the night of the incident, which made him a target for thieves. Fernandez, Eduardo Rivero and Emilio Macias were all killed in September 2016 after Fernandez crashed while driving at high speeds. Officials say Fernandez' body tested positive for cocaine and alcohol.

The families of Rivero and Macias filed a civil suit against Fernandez's estate each seeking $2 million, but Fernandez' lawyer insists he and Rivero were "unwitting recipients of a spiked drink or a mickey of sorts" in a plot to disorient them and steal the money.

Per TMZ Sports,

Fernandez also claims the investigative body handling the crash refused to consider the possibility Jose was not driving the boat. For the record, the boat was owned by Jose. 

Fernandez claims "inexperienced" investigators have botched the investigation -- saying, "Like a house of cards, this whole case is compromised."


Furthermore, Jose's attorney claims investigators didn't find any evidence of drug paraphernalia or drug residue at the crash scene, which he says supports the theory that the Marlins pitcher was drugged without his knowledge.