Having just dropped off the official video for her Lost & Found track "On Your Own," Jorja Smith has rolled another announcement after debuting the cover of her Modzik magazine feature. The photo shot by Ana Sting sees Jorja posted up in a Fendi dress, giving her best Jorja pout. The editorial will be out tomorrow, September 19th. 

“There’s this — an issue where I’m really doing well and got hate ’cause I’m too light-skinned.” Jorja previously stated in a past interview after looking online and reading what people are saying about her.

 “I understand why people say that ’cause it’s, like, throughout history the lighter you are, that’s how it’s been, innit. But it’s not my fault! My mom and dad had me, and that’s not my fault! I look how I look. I grew up with my dad telling me, You’re not white. You’re black. I’m mixed race, but I was told, You’re never going to be white, which is true. If it came down to it, and we had a race war, white people wouldn’t accept me.”