Ever since Jorja Smith's debut album Lost & Found dropped in June, the U.K. singer has constantly been on the move dropping off videos for her tape, walking Chanel runways, collaborating with Nike and traveling to new cities singing her sweet-sweet tunes for fans everywhere. The 21-year-old singer is still an unsigned artist and loving the solo path she leads. 

“I don’t know any different,” she told GQ, adding that “it’s been going very well.” As for taking a deal from a prestigious label, she detailed how she wouldn't right now. “I like having as much control as I can. It’s my life, so I need to be doing what I want and making what I love without someone else dictating to me.”

For one of Jorja's latest performances, she paid a visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to sing the last song on her debut album, "Don't Watch Me Cry." She was accompanied by a single pianist and her vocals were stellar, as always. Jorja's currently on tour so if you wanna check her out live in a city near you, cop tickets here.