After Larsa Pippen was mentioned in Kanye West's latest rant, people put on their detective goggles and did some snooping, finding that the reality star possibly hooked up with Tristan Thompson. That would explain why the entire Kardashian family clicked the "unfollow" button on her socials.

As you'll likely recall, Jordyn Woods was previously dragged as a result of her kiss with Tristan who, at the time, was dating Khloe Kardashian. She seems to have issued her response to Larsa Pippen's alleged actions and it's not looking like she's happy about the situation.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

The sleuths over at The Shade Room went through Jordyn's social activity and found that she had "liked" a tweet about the alleged Larsa Pippen x Tristan Thompson situation.

"Okay so the only thing I peeped from that man's rant is that LARSA PIPPIN SLEPT WITH TRISTAN but didn't get dragged like Jordyn did because HE kissed HER," reads the tweet in Jordyn's likes. "You dust buckets kept your mouths closed and just unfollowed that white woman and LITERALLY tried to destroy Jordyn."

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why Jordyn would agree with the sentiment being presented here. Whether or not her finger slipped and pressed "like" by accident is yet to be determined.

Larsa has already issued a statement on the following fiasco, seemingly moving past the drama.