Much like Reddit, Twitter also has a bunch of different sub-categories. Although they are far less defined, there are different zones for each discussion. We've got NBA Bubble Twitter, Hip Hop Twitter, and the ultra-popular Horny Twitter, apparently. 

Recently getting Doja Cat canceled for failing to show her breasts after her hit single "Say So" went #1, Horny Twitter went to work again, this time drooling over a video of Jordyn Woods getting a massage on her legs and butt.

Getting a Lymphatic Drainage massage, which is supposed to help support the flow of lymph fluids around the body, Jordyn Woods didn't expect to see herself trending after the video was posted by her treatment center. She obviously also didn't realize the power of the hot-to-trot men and women of social media.

"Woke up this morning and saw why I was trending on twitter," wrote Jordyn this weekend with a picture of herself in a skintight bodysuit. "Swipe to see which tweet made me log off."

The tweet in question says: "Jordyn Woods thicker than gorilla exhibit glass." Oh, man...

In the comments going around, people are joking that Tristan Thompson should be excused for being unfaithful with Khloe Kardashian, with many even admitting that they would risk their own relationships to get with Jordyn.

What did you think of the video?