Whether it was innocent or not, Jordyn Woods dancing and partying with James Harden has not been taken lightly. The 21-year-old model's relationship with the Kardashian family came to an end after she admitted to kissing Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian's baby father. The whole event caused an uproar and lead to Jordyn moving out of her best friend's home (Kylie Jenner) and no longer being a part of their lives. 

Presley Ann/Getty Images 

More recently, Jordyn was spotted in Houston smoking hookah and dancing next to NBA player James, another ex of Khloe. Sources tell TMZ that the two have hung out in the past and apparently Khloe was cool with it. Considering the amount of gossip headlines going around with Jordyn's name on it, the report of her and James being a "thing" should surely be taken with a grain of salt. 

A few weeks back, Jordyn responded to reports of her feeling sad about Kylie's recent girls trip. "We need to publicize better headlines.. who’s writes the articles? who decides what is posted on blogs? And why is there a new story every other day explaining “how I feel” about something I’ve never spoken to anyone about?" she wrote