A scandal never fails to rock the boat. Such rules were true in high-school and remain true to this day. Especially those that include lust and betrayal. As someone who has failed to Keep Up With The Kardashians, the inner workings of their familial politics remain a mystery to a mind such as mine. Yet in recent weeks, the name Jordyn Woods has been setting publications ablaze, emerging in trends across the greater Internet landscape. Such is the effect of the Kardashian-Jenner empire; even the proximity players can carry a narrative.

The scandal itself is textbook. Tristian Thompson, Cleveland Cavaliers player slash untempered ladykiller, found himself smitten by Jordyn Woods’ charms. It has long been debated that one cannot find love in this club - you can certainly find something. The alleged hookup between Woods and Thompson soon became the kiss seen ‘round the world, with many conflicting reports painting a variety of muddled pictures. Yet the skeleton of the conflict is evident. Woods and Kylie Jenner are childhood best friend. Jenner and Khloe Kardashian are sisters. Khloe Kardashian and Tristian Thompson are in a relationship. Propane meets flame.

All but sporting a scarlet letter on her forehead since the “incident,” Woods’ name has been on many a lip. Yet in the sake of fairness, do better than labeling her a mere “plot device” in the long-winding and sordid Kardashian tale! On that note, here is something of a Jordyn Woods-starter pack, should you feel compelled to take your knowledge beyond “smile and nod” level.

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Jordyn Woods was born to Elizabeth Woods and John Woods, with the former being a prominent socialite and owner ofWoods Management Group. As a result of their frequent travels, Woods was homeschooled, a process that built pent-up feelings of isolation and "missed teenage experience." Upon moving to Calabasas at the age of 13 (where she would go on to meet Kylie Jenner), Woods found herself carving out a path as a model.

It didn’t take long for her to begin garnering a fanbase through various platforms, such as Vine and Instagram. As her popularity began to rise, Woods was recruited by modeling agency Wilhelmina International, where she signed a deal as a plus-sized model. She has gone on to appear in many different campaigns such as Lovesick’s “Love Comes in All Shapes” where she acted as the brand ambassador.

In September 2016, Woods hit the Lovesick shop for a hands-on experience. She proceeded to step behind the cash register, a self-proclaimed “dream-job,” and met a slew of fans eager to share kindnesses. “You inspire me so much,” says one fan, eliciting a hug from Woods. Clearly, her work in altering preconceived notions of plus-sized models has reached a wide variety of women. Perhaps, given the fact that the court of public opinion is currently reaching rabid heights, such exhibits should be considered.


It remains difficult to examine Jordyn Woods’ rise into the public eye without mentioning Kylie Jenner. The pair’s close-knit friendship has been well documented across their respective Instagram feeds, though it has stretched well before the social media platform entered the picture. The pair, by Kylie's own admission, met in eighth grade through a surprising mutual friend - Jaden Smith. Yet Woods’ frequent appearances on Life Of Kylie played a pivotal role in springboarding Woods’ own fame. Aside from showering Woods with lavish gifts- including an impeccable black Mercedes- the pair even staged a platonic wedding in which vows of eternal friendship were exchanged. Woods was even one of the first people to hear about Kylie’s pregnancy, long before the information was fed to the masses.

In the wake of Thompsongate, many fans seemed immediately concerned with the state of the Jenner-Woods relationship. Though no concrete statements have been issued (Woods is still scheduled to appear on Jada Pinkett’s “Red Table Talk” this week), many have chosen their own adventures, placing Jenner in the unenviable position between best friend and family. It is said that Jenner is still reeling from the situation, though it’s difficult to understand the extent of the betrayal; do we not, after all, receive only what the Kardashians want us to receive? For now, the fate of the Jenner and Woods friendship remains in a purgatorial state. The fact that Woods currently lives with Kylie certainly doesn’t help matters.


While Jordyn has been labeled somewhat of a “Jenner by proxy,” her own family life has not always been easy. Aside from the aforementioned pitfalls of homeschooling. In 2017, Woods came to discover that her father was had been diagnosed with an aggressive form cancer in his pancreas, liver, and brain. Two days after Woods launched a GoFundMe to cover his mounting medical bills, John passed away. The death of her father proved a difficult reality to process, and Woods found herself flooded with grief. Losing a parent can be one of life’s greatest difficulties, and the consequences can be longstanding.

While not related by blood, Jordyn has oft referred to her “Uncle Will,” whom you may recognize as Will Smith. Not to mention, Jordyn has decided to use Jada Pinkett’s “Red Table Talk” as the platform for her confessional. Clearly, the Smith ties run deep. As it happens, Woods and Jaden Smith were “best friends” in high school, which led to Woods developing a bond with his parents. In 2014, Jordyn took to Instagram to shout out Big Willie, whom she affectionally credited with impacting her life. A quick perusal of her IG feed features no shortage of Jaden appearances. Should the Jenner/Kardashians deem exile the appropriate course of action, is another door destined to open?