Jordan Peele's "Us" made its world premiere this past Friday at SXSW and according to anyone that was lucky enough to attend, the movie is amazing. Already, reviews of the film are popping up online and there's seemingly nothing bad to say about Jordan's film follow-up to 2017's Get Out.

"Jordan Peele's "Us" is a horror masterpiece. We are witnessing the birth of our modern day Hitchcock. 20 years from now we will ask one another what our favorite Peele film is & you will get 10/12 different answers. Incredible performance from Lupita Nyong'o!," one user wrote on Twitter

Us is based on a family that heads to their beach house for a holiday. After a series of weird events, the family gets confronted with dangerous individuals seemingly trying to kill them, but they realize the suspects are in fact themselves. “When I decided to write this movie, I was stricken by the fact that we are in a time where we fear each other,” Jordan said. “We’re pointing the finger, and I wanted to suggest that maybe the monster we really need to look at has our face. Maybe the evil is us.”

Us hits theatres March 22nd. Peep more early reactions below.