Jordan Peele, the mastermind behind 2017's breakout film Get Out, says he is seriously considering making a sequel to the film. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter on the red carpet, Peele admits that he will "definitely seriously consider it," when asked about possibly transforming his film into a franchise of some sort. 

Peele also reveals that he is tempted to revisit the atmosphere and environment he manifested in Get Out, but is unsure as to what avenue he would take this sequel down if the project were to materialize. The director notes how he loves "that universe and feel like there is more story to tell. I don’t know what it is now, but there are some loose ends… you know the movie." Peep the brief interview below:

In other Jordan Peele news, the director reveals why he left his former post as an actor. Speaking with CBS News, Peele candidly admitted that "acting is just nowhere near as fun for me as directing."

However, the former Key and Peele star has further extrapolated on what other factors led to his early retirement from acting. When accepting a prize at this past weekend's Director's Guild of America Awards, Peele revealed how "The Emoji Movie actually helped me quit acting," mainly because he was offered the role of the poop emoji, noting how "this is true. I would not make this up."

Peele was initially offended when being offered the part, which was then offered to Sir Patrick Stewart.