Christmas Day has officially come and gone for another year, but that doesn't mean that the holiday-related queries are over - in fact, as far as Jordan Peele's impressive 2017 directorial effort Get Out is concerned, one in particular needed to be addressed. The question at hand: was the film a Christmas movie or not?

The question came from a fan on Twitter, who wanted clarification on the issue before he inadvertently ruined at least part of the holiday for his family.

The famed actor/filmmaker was more than happy to oblige with a response and, based on the imagery he lists, one could theoretically make the that Get Out could indeed stand, in its own small way, as a cinematic holiday gem. Just kidding of course, but the reply is still pretty golden. Check it out in full below.

All kidding aside, Peele's creation continues to impress audiences around the world, as well as lay the groundwork for future projects of his. Earlier this month, it was confirmed that the director would be rebooting The Twilight Zone for a new generation of consumers, with the new version of the series set to air on CBS. When it comes to creeping audiences out while also holding court with some scathing commentary, few are doing it better than Peele at the moment.

Where does Get Out rank on your list of the year's best films? Let us know in the comments.