Jordan Peele's sophomore film Us is easily one of the most anticipated films set to drop right now and while the premiere is just a few days away (March, 22nd), the famed director has let his fans know the genre he categorizes his work. Taking to Twitter, Jordan tweeted a plain and simple statement: "‘Us’ is a horror movie."

Back in 2017, Jordan's previous beloved film Get Out was submitted to the Golden Globes as a comedy, something one of the supporting actors LilRel Howery found odd. "But if I can be honest this is weird to me... Their is nothing funny about racism... Was it that unrealistic lol," LilRel tweeted at the time

Jordan, however, categorized his film as a documentary. 

Jordan previously discussed his latest film, explain how the script was crafted when he began “to follow the thread of ‘we are our own enemy’.”

“The movie itself is answering that question. I can’t say it’s not specifically about race, but I don’t want to go too deep into its meaning because it’s there for everybody to discover on their own," he said.

He added: “There hasn’t been a horror film about a black family, that I can remember. I think that’s an important thing to note. We have a lot of films in this genre where a family meets a monster, but the fact we’ve never seen a black family in that situation is a problem to me. There’s a presumption in the industry that if black people are the leads in a film it has to be in some way about race. I wanted to show that we can push past that.”