Most of us are currently in a Christmas mindset, which basically means: jovial, warm and celebratory, Jordan Peele has decided to pull us in the opposite direction this Christmas morning by delivering the chilling trailer for his highly anticipated new movie, Us. The film serves as his directorial follow-up to 2016's equally thrilling/chilling Get Out

The trailer for Us is enough to have you both on the edge of your seat and spooked out, and it's only 2 minutes and 30 seconds long. So it's safe to say, the movie is going to be a doozy. In the trailer, we saw what looks like your typical American family-- parents (played by Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke), two children, take a trip to the beach, where the son wonders off and encounters a mysterious hooded figure, with blood dripping from his hands. This is when things start to get scary. The family later finds another four-member family standing outside their house-- they soon realize, this family is an identical reflection of their own, only, this family is murderous. 

Take a look at the exciting new trailer below. The movie hits theatres on March 15th 2019. Will you be paying to see this one in theatres?