Jordan Peele debuted the trailer for his upcoming film Us on Christmas day which sparked a lot of fan theories surrounded around the idea that it may be a follow-up to Jordan's 2017 film Get Out. The Oscar-nominated filmmaker recently spoke with Empire about the movie and how it differs from his previous film. 

Jordan told the publication that the idea for Us first started when he began “to follow the thread of ‘we are our own enemy’.”

“The movie itself is answering that question. I can’t say it’s not specifically about race, but I don’t want to go too deep into its meaning because it’s there for everybody to discover on their own," he added, describing Us as a “horror film without any caveats.” 

“There hasn’t been a horror film about a black family, that I can remember. I think that’s an important thing to note," he explained. "We have a lot of films in this genre where a family meets a monster, but the fact we’ve never seen a black family in that situation is a problem to me. There’s a presumption in the industry that if black people are the leads in a film it has to be in some way about race. I wanted to show that we can push past that.”

Check out the trailer once more below and catch the film in theatres March 22nd.