Rumors of a live-action version of Akira, the beloved anime film that originally introduced the genre to American film audiences, have been bouncing around for quite some time. The latest has Warner Bros. eyeing Jordan Peele to direct a live-action adaption of the cult classic.

Peele is a hot topic after the incredible success of his Get Out horror film, although this would be a massive leap in genre from small budget social thriller to big budget adaptation of an existing story. Given the lukewarm reception to the Ghost In The Shell live-action remake starring Scarlett Johansson, making Akira would certainly be a gamble for Jordan Peele. Especially given the conflicting interests that want to put white characters in the main roles, and the fans who want to see authentically Asian actors.

After the success of Get Out, we’re willing to give Peele the benefit of the doubt as to whether he could pull something like this off. However, do anime fans even want an Akira remake, or should they leave the original as it is?