Over the past few years, Jordan Brand has made a real effort to bring out more sneaker silhouettes and colorways for women. While men make up a large chunk of the sneakerhead consumer base, there is no denying there is a large female presence, which means it only makes sense that Jumpman does something to take advantage. Recently, they have collaborated with some dope female artists, including Aleali May on silhouettes such as the Air Jordan 1 and 6.

According to Complex Sneakers, it seems as though Jordan Brand is looking to add to their list of female collaborators, with pop sensation Billie Eilish. Eilish is known for her unique fashion sense and is an avid fan of Air Jordan's.

"You see us doing things with folks like Aleali May, you see us, gonna be doing some things with folks like Billie Eilish," Jordan Brand VP Gentry Humphrey said. "All of their insights will provide us with an opportunity to create a definitive point of view that represents the female consumer."

For now, there are no exact details surrounding this potential collab, although it's clear that it could be on the way sooner rather than later.

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