Towards the end of last month, the official Jordan Brand instagram account, @Jumpman23, was wiped clean. Every photo and video was scrubbed from the Air Jordan IG account without any explanation.

That is, until yesterday, when Jumpman23 posted their first photo since mysteriously cleaning the slate.

Their first post? A slideshow of Michael Jordan photos and memorable quotes, including his foul line dunk during the 1988 slam dunk contest and another of MJ holding the Larry O'Brien trophy. The last slide in the post simply read "Jumpman."

Yesterday, February 6th, marked the 30th anniversary of the classic 1988 Dunk Contest, but there has yet to be any explanation for the complete overhaul, and recent resurgence, of the @Jumpman23 IG account. Maybe they just felt like starting fresh. Or maybe them boys up to something.

Check out the IG post below and give them a follow if you're interested to see what Jordan Brand's next move is.