This past weekend, during halftime of the Duke vs UNC game at Chapel Hill, Michael Jordan grabbed the mic to inform the crowd that the Tar Heels football team would be wearing Jordan Brand uniforms next season, but instead dropped a bizarre quote, which has now been turned into Jordan Brand apparel.

"The ceiling is the roof."

According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, Jordan Brand is now looking to capitalize on MJ's head scratching ceiling/roof comment by producing a line of UNC-inspired t shirts that read "Ceiling. Roof. Goat."

UNC coach Roy Williams summed it up best after last Saturday's game, telling reporters,

"I assume the phrase probably got mixed up with the sky's the limit and let it go at that," UNC coach Roy Williams later told reporters. "It's Michael Jordan -- do what the dickens he wants to do." 

A Duke professor later explained that MJ was actually correct in saying the ceiling of the arena is, in fact, the roof but that's not what matters. What matters is MJ twisted up his words, people laughed, and now he's going to profit off of it.

Check out the product below, as well as the now infamous "the ceiling is the roof" video.