Jonah Hill's transition from funnyman to Oscar-nominated actor to full-fledged hip-hop video director appears to be ongoing. Having previously helmed Danny Brown's eccentric and disturbing "Ain't It Funny," Jonah Hill has possibly found himself at the helm of yet another project. This time, he appears to be working with Travis Scott and The Weeknd, on what can only be visuals for "Wake Up." Hill took to IG to share a riddle of sorts, though Batman's nemesis The Riddler he is not.

Brad Barket/Getty Images

"Next Up," he writes, above a snoozing emoji and an "up" emoji. If that wasn't enough, he tagged both Travis and Weeknd for emphasis. All signs point to Hill stepping behind the camera to bring Astroworld's next single to life, following "Sicko Mode," "Stop Trying To Bed God,"  and"Yosemite." Hill has already revealed his directorial chops to be more than capable, so it should be interesting to see how he interprets the melodic banger.