Jonah Hill is yet another star who has been asked multiple times to share their opinion on the controversial happenings of Kanye West. Being as Jonah was in attendance at Ye's bonfire premiere in Wyoming and tells Pitchfork that he's known him for "a long time" before that, he still doesn't know "what the fuck this whole thing's about." 

"It's a hard one right now, but of course I still love Kanye," Jonah told the publication. "He's the artist of my generation. My friends and I have a Kanye chain—it's been very dormant recently, but we did a top five Kanye songs, and my No. 1 was 'Power.'"

He added: "At this point, people ask me about him all the time, and I just say to them, 'He either needs to land this or apologize, because I have Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, and my sister's not having it, and I'm exhausted. It gets harder and harder to have these fucking arguments with people."

As of now Kanye and his family are in Africa and have been given new African names by a dictator in Uganda. "Kanye received the name Kanyesigye while Kim was named Kemigisha meaning the one with blessings from God," a source revealed.