Kanye West's Ye was one of his most divisive albums to date but the rapper did hold yet another dope listening party. A selected group of artists, influencers and friends were flown out to Wyoming to listen to the party for the first time in the middle of the mountains. Among those was Jonah Hill. The actor's been vocal about how much he loves Kanye West in the past but in a new interview, he explained that he had to leave an incredibly important meeting in order to make it out to Wyoming.

Jonah Hill recently sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and explained how he ended up at Kanye West's Ye listening party. He said that he was in a meeting with legendary movie producer Scott Rudin for his directorial debut "Mid-90's" when he got an e-mail that said he was invited to Kanye West's Wyoming listening party for Ye. After their boss gave them the green light to go, Hill and his friend left the 7 a.m. meeting and went straight to the airport.

“We take a plane to Wyoming and the airport is like, us and like 2 Chainz and like Fabolous, you know? It was really this epic, legendary thing," he said. "Then they played this record and I didn't realize it was controversial to go support Kanye at that time. My sister didn't speak to me for like a week 'cause he had worn a MAGA hat and shit. To me, it felt like a bad Andy Kaufman swing and a miss. I don't bail on people right away."

Despite the backlash from his sister, Jonah Hill enjoyed his experience in Wyoming.

Peep the clip below.