Jonah Hill has been through a physical transformation. The talented funnyman was at his largest in Grandma's Boy, but dropped weight over the years and pursued a healthier lifestyle. He barely looks like he did in the 2006 Nicholaus Goossen directed comedy now. Hill is an interesting character in all aspects. He's a celebrity who is unapologetically himself, which at times can be awkward. His fashion sense is a unique twist of hip-hop 90's culture and conservative casual attire. All the little odd pairings that make up Hill and his genius make him that much more lovable. Now, the unconventional actor and producer is expanding his eclectic style and taste with a new passion. Martial arts. 

Hill hopped on Instagram to announce his new found love for Brazilian Jiu Jitzu. His announcement came along with a picture of Hill dressed in his gi. A white belt around his waist signifies the beginning of his journey. "I started Brazilian Jiu Jitzu 2 months ago and try and train 4 or 5 times a week," explained Hill. "In high school the dudes who did Jiu Jitzu used to beat the shit out of us at parties so it turned me off to it as an idea growing up. But quietly I always thought it was a beautiful art form . At 35 , I try and get over the stuff that made me feel weak and insecure as a teenager."