Jonah Hill's career trajectory is unique in his smooth transition from grimy comedies to intense drama. The actor dished about his most iconic roles during an interview with QC. Unsurprisingly, the first film he mentioned was Wolf On Wallstreet. This project represented a great learning experience for Hill as he got to work with two of the movie industry's luminaries, Martin Scorsese, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

"It was the formative experience of my life because every day for 6 months, I got to watch Martin Scorcese shoot scenes, solve problems...I learned so much from him and it was the best. The best acting experience I had, for sure."

His breakout role in Superbad comes next, as he details the fun dynamic the team fostered onset. Jonah expressed how this particular experience inspired him in terms of creating authentic content as he witnessed the filmmakers' unique style of storytelling. He carried this lesson ever since.

Hill also describes how he convinced Channing Tatum to star in a comedy action film that left most of their colleagues perplexed before its production. He encouraged his co-star to expand past his usual roles in romantic comedies. 21 Jump Street was presented as the perfect opportunity to gain a male fanbase to compliment his female admirers.

Watch the full interview below for details of his experiences working on This Is The End and more.