Business as usual for the Golden State Warriors last night, with another victory in the double digits over the lowly New York Knicks. Amidst the regular strokes of the night, center Javale McGee decided to try something out of his repertoire, knowing he'd escape without a slap on the wrist.

The play begins with Javale customarily bobbling a Kevin Durant handoff, leading to him looking down at this dribble. Two awkward steps later, Javale has his hips on a swivel, his back to the basket. The New York defender charges up giving him just enough floor space to create his shot, a shot he reckons Javale won't ever take. His head goes in one direction, his body shakes to the left, and within seconds the shot is up. As the ball is threading the hoop for a score, the camera quickly pans to former Daily Show host Jon Stewart as his faces agonizes in defeat. A classic meme is instantly forged.

To put it mildly, Javale is the last guy on the floor you want taking an open look, and it's a sure sign of sickness if your team can let the big oaf run up a tally outside of the paint. This sequence puts into focus the misery of the New York Knicks 2018 season. Jon Stewart's facial expression is a healthy reminder that things need to pick ASAP at Madison Square Gardens. Check out a video replay of the sequence as well as Twitter's reaction.