In a physical combat sport such as MMA, trash talking is to be expected. Seeing two guys that hate each other enter the Octagon is one of the most alluring parts of the sport and we love when it culminates in a great fight. While a match between these two hasn't been confirmed, Israel Adesanya and Jon Bones Jones are certainly making a case as for why they should eventually battle each other. Earlier this week, Adesanya made the claim that he would destroy Jones just like he did to Anderson Silva.

Jones heard those comments and clearly wasn't feeling them. On Twitter today, Jones issued his response to Adesanya and was pretty harsh with his words. In Jones' opinion, Adesanya isn't half the fighter he thinks he is. 

"If you think you killed 44 yr old Anderson, you didn’t. I’m not really sure what fight you’ve been watching," Jones asked. "You got past the legendary GOAT, now come fuck with the King of the jungle. I’ll make you call me daddy by the third."

Adesanya won't be fighting Jones any time soon as this weekend, he'll be battling Kelvin Gastelum at UFC 236 for the middleweight interim title.

To hear his full comments on Jones, check out the video below via TMZ.