Last week, Jon Connor got a huge look on Dr. Dre's excellent new album Compton, and while that's what he's been focusing most of his attention on, he says his long-awaited debut album hasn't been forgotten. In a new interview with XXL, the former Freshman claims that the still-untitled project is "coming."

“Yo, it’s coming, the album is actually coming. Actually, it’s more complete than y’all think," he said. Connor continued on to talk about his involvement on Compton:

“It’s a beautiful thing, like I said, just to be a part of Dre’s record and then know what else we got coming. The whole team got music coming and it’s gonna be super crazy. But as of right now, man, people need to hear Compton, because that’s a piece of hip-hop history. So before I even get to talking about my album—there’ll be time for that—but right now I just want to let Dre and his legacy live right now. And that’s what it’s all about, this amazing piece of work that Dre put out, man.”