Last week, Netflix's The Punisher met an unceremonious, though sadly inevitable end. Upon learning that the series would be concluding on season two, many of the stars reflected about the show's brief run, while fans were left to shake their fists in frustration. One such fan happened to include Eminem, who openly called out Netflix for goofing in a major way. Tagging the streaming giant in his post, Em kept it brief and to the point: "REGARDING YOUR CANCELLATION OF THE PUNISHER, YOU ARE BLOWING IT!!"

Given that Slim Shady remains one of the world's leading superstars, his voice was quick to resonate. It didn't take long for many of Punisher's stars to catch wind of the endorsement. Jon Bernthal, who plays the titular character, took to Twitter to pay respects to Em.

Though Ben Barnes' "Jigsaw" largely remains oppositional to Frank, he managed to find common ground on this front.  

Amber Rose Revah, who portrays Dinah Midani, added her voice to the mix with a humourous take. 

Floriana Lima, who plays Billy Russo's psychotherapist, chimed in. Likewise did Jason R. Moore, the man responsible for holding it down as Curtis. Unfortunately, Moore's words ring true, as not even a glowing co-sign from Eminem can undo such tangled knots. Still, it's nice to see the cast find common ground, especially through a unified love of hip-hop. Clearly, the culture works wonders in bringing people together.