It's hard not to love Zazie Beetz. The gorgeous and talented actress turned everyone's heads as Van in Atlanta, and then she turned around and delivered a spirited performance in Deadpool 2. Sticking with the comic book vibe, Beetz has been cast in the upcoming Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix in the titular role. Although plot details have been scarce, rumors point to a possible relationship between Joker and Beetz. 

Todd Phillips is helming the new Joker movie, and the director has been sharing photos from the set since it began production this month. Most comic book movies these days opt to keep everything secret, so it's refreshing (and also suspicious) that Phillips is sharing photos and videos that would never see the light of day if they were connected to an Avengers or Justice League flick. It's possible that Warner Bros. is trying to gauge fan reactions by allowing Phillips to post so frequently. Regardless, the director has blessed us all with the first official set photo of Beetz in the film. 

The photo doesn't reveal anything at all, and just looks like a regular photo of Beetz. She dons a dark red, blue, and grey sweater as she looks off-screen vapidly. Joker is set to hit theaters next October.