Johnny Manziel's wife, instagram and fitness model Brie Tiesi-Manziel, recently participated in the "Run Like A Diva" half marathon in Temecula, California and finished the race with an impressive time of 1:58:22.

Worth noting, this was Tiesi-Manziel's first ever marathon, and she reportedly went into the race with zero training. Needless to say, there were some skeptics. 

An investigation by revealed that Tiesi-Manziel hit the six-mile mark at a time of 1:31:29, which is a 14-minute mile pace.

However, her 11-minute mile update was missing and the time splits show she finished the second half of the race in just 26:53, meaning Tiesi-Manziel would have had to run a 4-minute mile, every mile, for the final 6.7 miles. For reference, the women's world record for a mile is 4:12.56 (set by Svetlana Masterkova in 1996, H/T USA Today).

According to USA Today, in a now-deleted Instagram Story, Tiesi-Manziel called the accusations "sad and pathetic" and noted that nobody was around to check her time.

Deadspin went a step further on the Tiesi-Manziel marathon scandal.

Specifically, they looked at the original race map and the one used after weather forced modifications, in which runners were supposed to make a loop back onto the final stretch. By not making that loop, Tiesi-Manziel would have been able to finish the half marathon at such an impressive pace.