Disgraced former Cleveland Browns QB, Johnny Manziel is back in the news again and it's not because he's spinning spirals en route to an NFL comeback. 

According to the New York Post, Manziel got into a scrap with a man who he has had issues with in the past, just after a rehearsal dinner at a Four Seasons Resort in Hawaii prior to his friend's wedding weekend. 

The report alleges that Manziel didn't start the fight but when things got heated he punched the man in the face, which led to a larger brawl shortly thereafter. 

Manziel made an attempt to smooth things over the next day by sending his adversary a bottle of bubbly and a note that read, “Truly apologize. Should have never done that. Know this won’t make it better, but hope it starts the day off alright.”

Apologies and "should have never done that" is just the norm for Johnny Manziel nowadays, any talk about training for an NFL return is patently absurd.